EcoPort alliance

The decision taken at the BIGW2 meeting of BioNET-INTERNATIONAL (August 1999) by the SAFRINET LOOP Co-ordinating Committee to have EcoPort as the preferred database service provider and management partner was viewed as strategic in SAFRINET meeting its goals as a capacity building knowledge network. It has enabled SAFRINET to capitalise on EcoPortís superior ability to meet the needs of both contributors and users of information, and freed resources that would otherwise have been used to develop an inferior product. EcoPort is a unique and noble achievement and the alliance between EcoPort and SAFRINET has, in retrospect, exceeded expectations as a showcase of SAFRINETís ability to be useful to the SADC community.

Apart form the large amount of information currently in EcoPort, its potential as a database service provider and management and its unique ability to deal with ecological interactions, such as those that occur in IPM, pollination etc., have resulted in SAFRINET having to review its proposed goals. I believe this alliance has increased SAFRINETís potential contribution to food security in SADC.

Updated: 12 December 2000.