The SADC network of BioNET-International
SAFRINET and EcoPort foster a working relationship, because they nurture a common philosophy, 'sharing knowledge for common good'.

SAFRINET is for networking between people and institutions; EcoPort is an Internet based information management forum, providing inter alia databases, slide shows, electronic publication and reporting, and a unique Internet tool kit.

The left-middle box is an EcoPort navigator, giving direct access to EcoPort resources.

The left-bottom box is the SAFRINET web site navigator.

Endorsed by:
Operates under auspices of:
Network co-ordinator: Connal Eardley
Network co-ordinating institute:
Agricultural Research Council
Plant Protection Research Institute
Private bag x134, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa
Tel.+27 (0)12 323 8540 Fax.+27 (0)12 325 6998
Updated: 11 December 2000.