Specialist Projects
SAFRINET is a knowledge network, i.e, a network of people, and its primary purpose is to develop taxonomic capacity. As taxonomy is a cross-cutting issue for all biology, SAFRINET is a vehicle for biologists to network. It is not a donor, and promotes networking as a mechanism for people concerned with all the different field of biology, linked by the common need for taxonomy, to communicate with one another in a symbiotic relationship for their common good. The purpose of networking is for the overall result of people's endeavours to be greater than the sum of the parts, and each receiving more than they contributed. Further, they are not expected to loose their identity. Therefore, individual's interest in SAFRINET is in their fields of speciality and to help them achieve their personal goals, not in the network per se.  But SAFRINET will only grow if individuals take initiative and find innovative ways to use SAFRINET to their benefit. 
Updated: 12 December 2000.