SAFRINET has become and integral part of the International Pollinator Initiative (IPI) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Pollinators were first mentioned in the by the CBD in 1996 (Decision III/11), as a priority group for case studies. In 1998 the Sao Declaration was published calling for an IPI. In 2000 (Decision V/5) the CBD invited the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United National FAO to establish and IPI co-ordinating mechanism and plan of action (the CBD web site is www.biodiv.org). The first technical meeting towards implmenting the IPI was held at FAO, Rome, during 14-16 November 2000.

    The Meeting asked FAO to consider establishing a Technical Co-ordinating Committee, as the co-ordination mechanism, and agreed a procedure for the development of a plan of action.

    Calls for activities and project initiation must come from countries. People concerned with, or about, pollination in SADC are therefore responsible for doing something about the plight of pollinators. These should include: 

    •  Public awareness.
    • Project development.
    • Capacity building. etc.

    More information can be obtained in the EcoPort pollination electronic journal 'Pollenbytes', (http://www.ecoport.org/EP.exe$ResFull?ID=M180) or you can contact to SAFRINET Network Co-ordinator.

Updated: 12 December 2000.