Many alliances are being developed. Those listed below are currently producing outputs:
  • SAFRINET and EcoPort have agreed to collaborate in capacity development concerned with the conservation of biodiversity, sustainable agricultural development, food security and the elimination of poverty in the SADC sub-region. SAFRINET fulfils the networking function and EcoPort is the Internet site of choice for the electronic dissemination of information and creating knowledge (http://www.ecoport.org). 
  • EAFRINET, the East African network of BioNET, and SAFRINET have agreed to co-operate to develop capacity in the East / southern African region. Pollination is an active programmes operating under this agreement.
Hardcopy publications
  • Baxter, A.P. Baxter & E. van der Linde (1997) [Ed.]. Collecting and Preserving Fungi. Pp. 86.
  • Goszczynska, T., J.J. Serfontein & S Serfontein (2000) [Ed.]. Introduction to Practical Phytobacteriology. Pp. 83.
  • Kleynhans, K.P.N. (1997) [Ed.]. Collecting and Preserving Nematodes. Pp. 54.
  • Millar, I.M. (1997) [Ed.]. Collecting and Preserving Insects and Arachnids. Pp. 105.

Electronic publications

  • Annonymous (2000). [Compiled by ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute]. SAFRINET Training Manuals for Entomology/Arachnology, Nematology, Mycology & Phytobacteriology.
  • Kirk, P.M., & J.A. Cooper (1999) [Developed by]. SAFRINETís Electronic Catalogue of the IMI Description Sheets of Fungi and Bacteria.
  • Hunt, D.J. (1998) [Compiled by]. Key to Plant Parasitic Nematode Genera of Southern Africa.
Hardcopy Reports
Eardley, C.D.,& P. Cannon 1998: Annual Report 1997. SAFRINET Document 10.

Electronic Reports


Updated: 1 December 2000.