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BioNET and the Global Taxonomy Initiative

The date of submission for the designation of Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI) Focal Points is 31/12/2000. Apparently few designations have been received by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Secretariat (see website National co-ordinator's should recommed the national Co-ordinating institutes (NACI) become GTI  Focal Points (the objectives of the NACI's and GTI FP's are the same, i.e. being national focal points for taxonomic capacity building coordination).

The GTI (especially the recommended Programme of Work) is one of 3 topics up for debate and agreement at SBSTTA 6 in Montreal, March 12-16 2001. BioNET is mentioned on numerous occassions in the draft Programme of Work, and it would be useful for as many NACI co-ordinators as possible to attend SBSTTA  in order to promote the use of the BioNET networks by the GTI. They should become part of their national delegations to SBSTTA, as SBSTTA is a more scientific meeting than the COP.

Updated: 9 December 2000.