SAFRINET is a knowledge network. Its purpose is capacity building through the reciprocal interchange of information and ideas. Although by its structure it is comprised of organisations, the networking and capacity development of concern to SAFRINET is vested in people, not organisations. Thus, SAFRINET is interested in the people that comprise the organisations, and as an inclusive process people whom do not represent an organisation are welcome to participate.

Participation in SAFRINET depends on the initiative of the individuals concerned, not the co-ordinators. It is an opportunity for many people in a variety of organisations to be more effective in their activities. The more people that use SAFRINET for their networking and capacity building purposes the greater the benefits for each individual. Thus every person concerned with SAFRINET has a responsibility to encourage others to use it to the benefit of their carriers and to contribute towards its evolution to enabling it to remain relevant in the current milieu.

Virtually all people concerned with biology require some form of taxonomy and have a knowledge of the taxonomy of a group of organisms. Therefore SAFRINET is potentially beneficial for a huge group of people and they are invited to participate in SAFRINET for the advance of their career/discipline. SAFRINET does not require anyone to give to the network, but to use it.

Updated: 1 December 2000.