Individual Members
Specialist taxonomists that are able to identify southern African organisms are requested to make themselves known to the Network Co-ordinator and contribute to an identification services to SADC.

SAFRINET national co-ordinators are responsible for making the names of persons in their countries that are interested in member known to the Network Co-ordinator.

  • Lesotho.National Co-ordinator: Dr Mpho Mpholo, Agricultural Research Division, Maseru.
  • Malawi.National Co-ordinator: Prof. Vincent Saka,University of Malawi, Lilongwe. Fax number 265 277 420.
  • Mauritius.National Co-ordinator: Prof. Abid Peerally, University of Mauritius, Port Louis.
  • Mozambique.National Co-ordinator: Mr Boaventura Nvunga, Ministry of Agriculture. Maputo.;
  • Namibia.National Co-ordinator: Mr Eugene Marais, National Museum of Namibia, Windhoek.
  • Seychelles.National Co-ordinator: Ms Daphni Loizeau, Ministry of the Environment, Victoria.
  • South Africa.National Co-ordinator: Dr Gerhard Prinsloo, ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute, Pretoria.
Connal Eardley ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute Hymenoptera, Apoidea
Afrotropical bees
Mervyn Mansell ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute Neuroptera
Lacewings/ antlions
Gerhard Prinsloo ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea
Parasitic wasps
  • Swaziland.National Co-ordinator: Mr Benedict Bhembe, Agricultural Research Division, Mbabane.
  • Tanzania.National Co-ordinator: Dr William Mziray, Tropical Pesticides Research Institute, Arusha.;
  • Zambia.National Co-ordinator: Mr Albert Chalabesa, Mt Makulu Research Station, Lusaka. 
  • Zimbabwe.National Co-ordinator: Dr Simon Sithole, Department of Research and Specialist Services, Harare.;
  • Madagascar.National Co-ordinator: Ms Lala Rakotovao, Academie Nationale des Arts des Lettres et des Sciences, Antananarivo. /
  • Persons in other countries that would like to be associated with SAFRINET and specialist taxonomists that can identify southern African organisms.
Updated: 1 December 2000.