SAFRINET has discussed developing aliances with numerous organisation and projects. Those listed below have progresses into interactive working relationships and memoranda of understanding. National co-ordinators and people with projects that are associated with SAFRINET that are not listed below please contact the SAFRINET Network Co-ordinator.
  • BioNET-International, Director: Nicolas King (
  • EcoPort, co-ordinator: Tonie Putter (
  • EAFRINET, co-ordinator: Wanja Kinuthia (
  • International Pollinator Initiative / African Pollinator Initiative. Contacts: Connal Eardley ( & John Mbaya (
  • Gondwana Alive Society, co-ordinator John Anderson (
  • Consilience Aliance, co-ordinator Tonie Putter (
  • UNEP
Updated: 12  December 2000.